one more dream job

Somebody has to do this job and I am so happy it is me.  It is a rainy day here in Naples Florida, but it wasn't in Green Turtle Cay.

I love collaborating with creative people and Lynda Johnson, of Lynda Johnson Interiors is one of my favorites.  An empty corner in this dining room cried out for a decorative accent and happily for me, Lynda thought a painted palm would be just right.

It didn't take  much persuading (or any) to get me to jump on a plane and whip down to the Bahamas for a quick little paint job.   There was a bit of time left over to take in the beautiful colors of the island.

I was able to take a lot shots for an on-line series on color studies I will be starting this summer.

Tomorrow I return to New England where I will be busily setting up my new studio.  Our next American Clay Earth Plaster class is on Friday, April 16.  Please look for our full class schedule by the end of the week.


maf said...

I love the Palm Tree! Glad you were able to get away at the same time.

Andi said...

Your palm trees are spectacular! And I love your photos - great shots, pretty colors! Can't wait to see what comes from them.


samantha said...

beautiful colors, lisa! you have such an amazing life!

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