house of turquoise

I was so honored to be featured on the blog House of Turquoise today.  Erin has a great eye and it was a treat to be featured on a site that always seems to find fabulous, innovative, and yes--turquoise designs.  She also has a great website featuring wonderful designs and products sorted by color.  Please check out her site, you won't be sorry.  Thanks Erin!!

preview--boston brownstone

Here is a small sampling of a beautiful project we recently completed in Boston using American Clay Earth Plaster.  The glass "wallpaper" is by Beth Lipman.


pretty posts

added finials and paint to my stair posts last feels good to be adding fun details...

angst over pansies

It's a rainy Sunday here on the seacoast.  I had wanted to take a long bike ride, but instead I am mucking about in the very wet earth and wondering if I really have to pull the pansies from my window boxes.  I am one of those people that hates doing something twice.  Every spring when I plant pansies I mentally steel myself for the day that the weather will be too warm and they will be leggy and exhausted looking.  Always in the spring I think--why bother?   But pansies are so hopeful, particularly here in New England where from February on, it is one long slog to the day one can actually get into the garden.

I planted boxwoods, hostas, tomatoes, peppers and impatiens.

But it is only the pansies that cause me angst.   All of the other plants have a nice long season.  By the time they wither there is a hint of autumn in the air and I am preparing myself for change.  But when the pansies wither,  I am just hitting my summer stride.   I think I feel sorry for these earnest little plants.  Each year I think--no more pansies...but I know myself--I am sure I will be one of the first in line next spring, jacket buttoned up to my neck, a flat of pansies in my arms and hope in my heart.

kitchen to die for...

I was delighted to receive these new photos from John Stanek, of John Stanek Custom Builders in Peterborough, NH.  John's company designed and completed an extensive renovation in the Monadnock region on which  I was privileged to be the interior designer.
These beautiful photos  are by photographer Nancy Belluscio.  She did a lovely job of capturing the rich colors in the kitchen which was crafted by Gabriel Parker of Dublin, NH.
My clients were an absolute delight to work with.  One can see they are not afraid of color, nor are they frightened by mixing some contemporary lines with more traditional pieces.  The chairs were designed in the studio and upholstered by Mavrikas Upholstery in Nashua.

This is just a preview for you.  I will do a post on the rest of the house once I have photos that do the project justice.  And speaking of photos...a sad note--my hard drive crashed the other day and I lost 4000 (yep--4000) photos from my archives.  Let that be a lesson to any of you that procrastinate like I do.  External hard drive--gotta' have one.....

evolution of a painting

I started this painting for a show house I am doing in York, Maine.
I knew I wasn't quite done here....
Time to walk away now.......