house of turquoise

I was so honored to be featured on the blog House of Turquoise today.  Erin has a great eye and it was a treat to be featured on a site that always seems to find fabulous, innovative, and yes--turquoise designs.  She also has a great website featuring wonderful designs and products sorted by color.  Please check out her site, you won't be sorry.  Thanks Erin!!


Erin said...

It was all my pleasure! You have such a talent, and your home is so beautiful! I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing with us the color you used in your bedroom and the accent wall in the living room. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i was going to ask the same question as anonymous ... that color is amazing! also, where did you find that chicken painting in your kitchen?? i *adore* that!!

Lisa said...

Thank you both for your interest. The colors are from my own collection. I have designed a line of paints for children--Quiet Nursery, and then the palettes--City, Country, Mountain, Shore. The living room is Sea Glass and the bedroom is Beach Stone, both from the Shore collection. My paints are a soft sheen eggshell with very low levels of VOC's. Unfortunately I have not gone into full production yet so they are mixed by hand in the studio which makes them more expensive than other paints, $70.00 per gallon (eek!, sorry)

You can read more about my paints on my old site. All of the information is in the process of being moved to Paint Color Design.

Please e-mail me directly if you are interested in our custom paints--and again, thanks so much for checking in.

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