just when you think the end is near...

I did fall in love with the sweet little neighborhood when I bought my brick house, but I also fell in love with the idea of never painting again (odd coming from a painter, but sometimes I just get tired!).  

Well--I don't have to paint, but I do have to re-point the brick on the river side of the house.  Hmmm....way beyond my skill level.

Along with the brick work, the existing steps are being removed to make way for a lovely porch where I can sit and sip tea as I watch the tankers float by.  I have to say I'm a bit tired of all of this...reno fatigue, I think.

Meanwhile the cherry tree blooms, and a few bright spots of color cheer me.

Speaking of cheer, I came home from the tropics struck by the absence of color in my own living room.  I decided to add some small punches to remind me of all of the beautiful colors I had seen while traveling.

The first thing I did was to add some soft orange tones to the risers of the stairs. Earlier this winter I had painted them various shades of blue.  The addition of some warmer tones was a subtle change, but  makes for a big difference in mood.

The next thing was to hang more art.  The sky paintings are a part of a painting journal I kept while in Tanzania. I completed a quick sky study from the same spot each day. There were many, many sunny days.

I also added one brightly colored pillow to the otherwise softly toned living room.  I  brought in this old bench that had been my grandmothers and painted the base a shiny turquoise.

Replacing the rugs with  natural sea grass adds texture and warmth.

Small vignettes that give me pleasure also add to the feeling of home.

I hope your home gives you the same pleasure (and a lot less work) as my home gives to me.