a light at the end of the tunnel

Those of you living in New England may remember the torrential rains of last weekend. Not a good day to move, but move I did.

My sister Ann, (redacted recipes) came from Brooklyn to help . She is a good big sister. I spend my life being quite capable, but I definitely become the little sister when Ann is around. It was just the two of us--quality sister time if there ever was. We rented a van and tried to keep our heads above water, literally. It never stopped raining the entire day. Picture drowning muskrats....a very bad hair day for sure.
The living room was set up by the end of the day. We spent the evening drinking good wine, listening to music and celebrating sisterhood and my new home. Ann even kept me calm when I awoke to water (lots of it) in my basement the next morning.

The kitchen too, is almost complete.
The back wall is a custom color of chalkboard paint, Solid black was a little too scary for me, but I love this deep, deep blue. The blue tape and chalk outlines mark where the rest of the shelves will be placed.

There is still a bit of painting to be done, and more belongings still need to be packed and moved. I find this astounding as I feel I have relieved myself of so many possessions the past couple of years—but there are always more, more, more. How can I possibly have so much stuff?....and yet, I am grateful for the abundance. Wishing you and yours an abundant and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday.

thank you

Thank you to the veterans and their families who give so much. I deeply appreciate your service and grieve for your sacrifice.

I realize that design is trivial in troubled times. But I also believe that creating a space to tuck in with ones family offers comfort and peace.

Workshops are always free of charge to returning veterans. I would be honored to have you in any class.

pretty and pink

I have never been a fan of pink. As a matter of fact I would describe myself as pink averse. I never had a pink bedroom as a child, rarely wear the color, and never, ever thought I would voluntarily spread the color cheerfully over my own walls. But that is exactly what I have just done. And not just any pink either, but a deep, hot pink. So deep and hot that upon entering the room one can imagine heat radiating from the walls. And yet it is also the pink of peonies. It speaks of raindrops on green leaves and petals. Shade on a warm day. I think it is the perfect pink.

I love this wallpaper. I found it in the Kravet showroom at the Boston Design Center. I could never do something as easy as simply buying the paper and installing it (and thanks to my mother, Mary Anne of the Wallflowers, I am a darn good paper hanger). Nope, I have decided to replicate it in paint. One more project to add to this endless list. But I am pleased and excited. This pink speaks of creative energy. I know it will make for an inspirational work space. Already I see a glass desk floating in front of the window--a Lucite chair tucked under. Nothing to disrupt the view. Have I told you that I have a view? :)

update...the house

Did I tell you that my house is small? That she is a sweet, tiny, nurturing space? How is it then, that I fear she may just put me into the ground?

It is early November. I have been in a relationship with her for nearly twelve weeks--longer if you count the weeks before I was really committed. My relationship with this house seems to follow the path of most relationships. Attraction and cautious optimism in the beginning turning to excitement and delight as time goes by. I have gotten to really know her now, and I like her--I really do. However, we have hit a snag. She is a demanding little house and is far too consuming of my time. I have let her take over my life. I work all day trying to make sure I can meet the mortgage. When I come home she is there competing for my attention.

I slide through the door greeted by my two pieces of furniture--a small, borrowed (very hard) chair, and a lovely, comfortable, beautiful bed. The bed beckons always, but there is more to do. Painting and scraping and sanding and such. Endless! With each task I accomplish she seems so pleased. Happy to be dressed in her finest. It is seductive and I am her victim.

Two more weeks I tell you. I will be in. Boundaries will be drawn. She and I will learn to co-exist. I will take care of her and she will shelter me.