a new me?

What do you think?  I worked hard to re-design my website last year, but I'm still not sure it's where I want it. Would you click on and tell me if you like it as is, or if you prefer this cleaner, more graphic me?  I definitely think that with me being me--there needs to be color added, maybe deep turquoise in the circle with a bronze over-lay on the lettering.   Is it too clean for me?   I will have signs made for the new studio and it seems like now is the time to make this decision.  I would love your feedback either by commenting on this post or via e-mail.


PaulR said...

I don't know; I think I like the website home page as it is. But, the new graphic would look great on a business card.

Maryanne said...

I think it is too clean but perhaps with the color added it would seem more like you. Right now it seems too cold.

kristen anderson said...

As a painter who has recently delved into the world of graphic design, I thank you for this opportunity, I admire your work.
I vote for the new logo, with added color, of course! Transparencies may provide you with the color effect you would be looking for...I think a clear graphic is important for your brand.
And a compliment on your revamped website! It is far less cluttered, and displays your work nicely. Are you planning on reworking the workshop page as well?
FYI, your name and other textual info goes off the top of the page a bit. I am viewing it on a 20" screen.
The best of luck to you, I look forward to learning the success of your new location

laurie boucher said...

hi lisa! my first response was YES! i like that it simultaneously looks like the eye of a camera as how you see things both visually and thoughtfully is such a gift. i was curious how it would look if the logo was moved a bit over to the right? almost over the gap between your names...but not centered? hopefully thats not too much imput. i just had that visceral sense. but grain of salt! i really like the font too! hope all is well. happy to hear of all your changes. best, laurie

Lisa said...

Thanks to all of you for your feed back. I really appreciate it. I haven't decided yet on the logo but loved hearing different impressions. Kristen, would you send me your e-mail?

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