falling slowly....

It is already October. Here in New England the leaves have started to turn and summer is falling away. Mixed with the joy of a crisp fresh apples and cool evenings, Autumn always brings to me a hint of sadness. Perhaps it is simply missing the days of leggy little girls hopeful for what the new school year will bring.

I feel like a schoolgirl myself this year. Hopeful, but with trepidation and not a small bit of anxiety. It is a big time. A house not yet completed, my studio for sale. A search for a tenant to share space next door. I find myself chirping and running like a busy chipmunk frantically getting ready for the winter ahead.

If anyone is looking for a small sweet space to spend the winter on the NH seacoast please let me know. lisateague@lisateague.com

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Cyndie Katz said...

Hi Lis! Hope you find someone soon for the apartment. Maybe mention it to Ben because he seems to see lots of people every day from the area...

I think about you all the time.

Hope you'll post more photos of the house soon. Miss you! xxx, Cyndie

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