relationship with a small house--2

So, here is the connection to my ranting on food from a couple of days ago...and by the way, that's the last time I blog on a rainy day when I'm cranky and hungry.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the term "green design". I am all in favor of the wonderful new products on the market that use sustainable material and product that is easy on the earth in it's manufacture. I support these products and often use them when appropriate. What excites me more is finding pieces that already exist, that may have had another purpose but that can be re-made and re-used. I love the idea that an actual person saw potential in old or discarded parts and found a way to make something wonderful.
I fell in love with the stained glass window back in the corner. It looks like a funky surf board to me. I can't wait to see it propped up to balance my couch which has to be placed off center due to space limitations.The little metal mirror is not old, but made by an actual person rather than a factory. Again, the touch of the human hand. I know it will make me happy every time I look into it.
Both pieces were found at Summer House Furnishings in Rye, NH. There are a lot of new fresh pieces but there are some lovely antiques mixed in.
This sweet little cabinet will have a home somewhere even if it only holds laundry supplies. I found this at The Bower Bird which is a lovely consignment shop in Peterborough, NH.
Also in Peterborough is one of my favorites, Red Chair Antiques. Owner, Jocie Sinauer has an unfailing eye for all things beautiful. The hanging cabinet is made from salvaged moldings and created by a local furniture maker. In my tight little space it will store my collection of small paintings.
I want so badly to make my kitchen island from this apothecary chest. I fear my space is too small, but we will see.

These salvaged balusters make beautiful, sturdy candle stands. I found them in a salvage yard in Great Barrington. I bought every single one.

And wait, just wait until you see what I've found for the kitchen.

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