would your grandmother approve?

Do you remember that I said I wanted a navy and orange color scheme in my new house? Well, I was struck with an idea.
My sister Ann and I have shared custody of our grandmothers chair for many years now. It was always meant to go to Ann, but her apartment is small and the timing has never been right. Well things are changing all around us and the opportunity to move the chair to Ann's apartment has finally arrived. Yep, the opportunity arrived and I found that I didn't want to let the chair leave my studio. Ann nicely agreed to a trade and now Grandma's chair is all mine. The only problem is that I don't think my grandmother would approve of the fate of her chair.
Here we go.....an over size blue print and a very bright, very shiny orange frame. I know grandma, I'm sorry.

I think I'm going to love this and my grandmother loved me, so I think it's all OK.


ellice st. laurent said...

is that the chair from the kitchen in the studio? either way, i love it...chair rehabs are so fun...i'm sure your grandma would love it!

Samantha Chu said...

i say you go with the chiang mai dragon, lisa!! it would be fabulous with the orange :)

andi said...

Oh I love the fabric choices you have! I can't wait to see it finished!

Meigs said...

I LOVE it! Love the orange and navy.
Looks so great--and I'm glad to see the vase you got in McCall, and the bag from Kate, too.

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