sneak peek

The York Show House, in beautiful York Harbor, Maine opens on Saturday, July 17.  I chose to work on a lower landing, stairwell, and large upper landing leading to the guest suites.
The walls were done in American Clay Earth Plaster.  The plaster is comprised of natural mineral pigments, crushed sea shell, recycled marble dust and responsibly mined clay.  It is non toxic, 0 VOC. and all sorts of other stuff that is low impact and good for us--plus it is super beautiful--don't you think?

All furnishings are up-cycled.  The painted canvas rug is unbleached cotton canvas painted with 0 VOC paints.  Art is Daniel Thibeault of Peterborough, NH and Lisa Teague.

The show house will be open to the public from July 17 through mid August.  Please come and check out all of the amazing rooms done by a team or talented New England designers.